TES iBoard – high quality interactives

TES iBoard – “a purpose built library of visual, dynamic, interactive resources.”  This website collection is one of the very, very best of interactive resources I’ve EVER found!  You will find activities for math, literacy, phonics, science, ICT (technology – my world), geography, history, and more … for students in preschool through 6th grade.  These are short interactives that ask the student to respond to a task or a challenge. I love how the site makes it easy for you to copy the URL of the activity you are interested in.

Here is an example of one of the interactives:


An activity for predicting and comparing weights of presents. Pupils weigh each box and decide which house it should be delivered to, basing their decision on the relative weight.


Spelling with Flickr

Spell With Flickr remains one of my favorite sites to share. Just go to the web site, enter a phrase, and it will generate a logo based on images in flickr of just letters and numbers.  You can click on each letter to get a new picture and when you are satisfied with your picture word, you can drag and drop the word onto a desktop to use later or this site also offers code you can copy and paste to either repeat the exact same set of images, or another copy of code that is JavaScript and will dynamically create a new version each time the page loads. Pretty Cool Right!

Teachers can use Spell with Flickr as a fun way to create titles for bulletin boards, classroom signs, word wall, job titles, or to make an alphabet banner.

TURFMUTT – Environmental Science

TurfMutt offers ten free environmental science lesson plans for K-5 teachers. The lesson plans have clearly defined objectives and detailed directions for carrying out each lesson plan.  Topics for Grades K-2: Butterflies Among Us, Recycle and Reuse, Water in My World, and Discovering Dirt.  Grades 3-5: How Green is Your Community, Soil Erosion and Runoff, Using Plans to Save Energy, Breath of Fresh Air, Helpful Habitats, and Eat Your Plants.

TurfMutt also offers videos to supplement your lessons and class discussions with videos that will bring environmental issues to life in your classroom.

Planet in Action

Planet in Action is an outstanding way to bring learning to life.  This site uses Google Earth to power some of the greatest toys I’ve seen on the internet. When you visit their site you can explore six different areas, from the Swiss Alps to Hollywood to EuroDisney to Mt. St. Helens and more. It’s a low-altitude fly-over that’s more exciting than even Google Earth’s Flight Simulator. It’s Open Source, so it’s free!  You can take control and explore on your own.  Drive a ship (Queen Mary) throughout the globe, Drive the A-Team van, etc. These journeys are incredibly life like on an interactive whiteboard/projector.  Take your whole class on a virtual helicopter ride above famous landmarks that they are learning about in class.  First, watch the recorded tour and discuss the different landmarks as you see them.  Then ‘hire’ a student helicopter ‘pilot’ who can navigate a trip for the class.  As students fly above landmarks, a Google Map will show them exactly where they are in the virtual tour.

The latest simulation that Planet in Action released is based on NASA’s Perpetual OceansNASA Ocean Currents in Google Earth shows the Earth’s constantly moving ocean currents. You can view the simulation using the Google Earth browser plug-in.

Sumdog – FREE Math Games

Sumdog is website is designed to help users practice their numeracy skills – in an enjoyable way.  Sumdog’s math games are always FREE to play, either at home or at school.  Each one of Sumdog’s math games can cover any of the 122 numeracy topics. These topics are spread across 10 levels of increasing difficulty.


Most are multiplayer, so users can choose to play against thousands of students worldwide, just their classmates, or against the computer.  Below are games offered on Sumdog:

Sumdog has lots to offer – and most of it is completely free, with no time limit.  Check out Sumdog’s Features!  Classes I have introduced this site to LOVE it.  They go on at home and play against each other.

Goodbye Picnik: Hello PicMonkey

As you probably already know, Picnik, the popular photo editing website, was purchased by Google, and is going under on April 19th, 2012.  Some of the features found in Picnik have made their way to the Google+ Creative Kit, but this requires that users start a Google+ account.  The GOOD NEWS is members of the Picnik team have reformed to create a new site – PicMonkey🙂

PicMonkey is a free service that lets you edit photos online.  There are four thumbnails on the main page. Three are standard images you can use to try out PicMonkey’s features and the fourth is a blank thumbnail. You can drag-and-drop a photo over the blank thumbnail to start editing. There is no registration required to edit or save photos.

The basic editing features are what you’d expect. You can crop, rotate, sharpen, resize, adjust exposure and color to quickly improve a photo’s image quality.  You can also play with the different effects, perform touch ups, add text, overlays, textures, speech bubbles, and frames.


I have used photo editing sites to create picture prompts for students.  You can really get creative and funny with these.  Here is one I just did: