SlideShare is a Web 2.0 based slide hosting service. It’s the world’s largest community for sharing presentations online!  Imagine YouTube but for slideshows.  Users can upload files privately or publicly in the following file formats: PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenOffice presentations.  Having everything stored online makes life easier.  You can easily share presentation with teachers, parents, and students.

You can also check out pre-made slideshows in their Education section.  Sign up, its FREE.


Visuwords – Online Visual Dictionary


Visuwords is a free tool that helps you creatively build vocabulary for all your visual thinkers. The online visual dictionary is perfect for a range of different age levels, individual, group or whole class activity and as a homework tool.  Visuwords helps build vocabulary.  Use it for building word walls, word research, exploring keywords in articles or even “Today’s word is….”  Best of all NO SIGN-UP Required!


Choose your focus: The lines on the left hand side cover a huge range of literary skills. Focus in on the skill that you wish to target. This way the students will know the color and shape that they are looking for.

Be specific: If you try to look at all the lines it can become confusing.

Know the words you are going to research beforehand. Random really is a random generator and any word could pop up. Type your word in the top right hand search bar.

Find out More: double click on the words of interest. Many of these words will then spread further to further your visual word discovery.



The Differentiator


The Differentiator is a website that helps you write objectives based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. It is as simple as going through the different tabs such as, Thinking Skills, Content, Resources,  Product and Groups to choose the appropriate term and the Differentiator organizes it into an objective that can help your students demonstrate their learning.