Create a Game Show for Students

GAME SHOW CREATOR – This site offers FREE templates for you to use to create a Game Show for your students to participate in as a review for an upcoming assessment.

Whats Available – On this site you will find more than just one or two games, we have categories of games for all types of classrooms.

1) Whole Class Games – These games are designed to involve the entire class at the same time. They are designed for use in a classroom setting where the teacher has their computer hooked up to a projector or large screen TV so that everyone in the class can view them at the same time. Play games like Big Board Facts (similar to Jeopardy) or Guess Louie (similar to Pyramid Show) and get your whole class involved.

2) Individual Games – These games are designed to used in a one computer to one student environment. All you have to do is input your questions, and the template has built in many games around them. As the student answers your questions the mini games get harder.

3) Games Requiring No Preparation – Some of the downloadable templates are fully functional ready to play, you just grab your vocabulary or review questions and put the game up on the screen.

4) Board Games and Bingo – Make your own personalized board games using templates in Microsoft Word, or make your own bingo game in minutes using excel templates.


This is Sand – Very fun!

Thisissand – It’s the 21st century way to create sand art. If using on a SMART Board just tap on the SMART Board for a never ending stream of sand. Press the C key to change color, use the arrow keys to move around the board and create your masterpiece! If using on a computer simply double click to generate sand moving mouse to place it where you want it.  Click once to stop sand.  Here are the tools for this site:

Mrs. Pancake – Doodads and more…

I’m  not sure where the name Mrs. Pancake comes from, but I do know that this website is full of resources for teachers. The site contains “doodads” which are downloadable, printable educational resources for parents, teachers and children. It is perfect for the beginning of the school year when you might be thinking about how to fill up that bulletin board or replacing some outdated posters or just making your classroom look a little better. The site is arranged in categories such as literacy, numeracy, classroom helpers etc.  Some doodad examples are:  colorful alphabets, number lines, borders, numbers, days of the week,  states of matter, faces of dice, clocks, seasons and one of my favorites…question words.  You can search by category or by tags and if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, Mrs. Pancake is also looking for new ideas!

Newspaper Clipping

Students can create their own newspaper clipping quickly and easily.  Just be careful to watch them so they stay on the newspaper clipping option….the cigarette packet (definitely not something students should see).  You could also create one of these for assignment openers.  You can download the image when done so students wouldn’t need to go to this site.