E*Trade Baby Mail

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I bet lot of people are familiar with E*Trade’s famous talking baby commercials, but do you know that E*Trade launched a fun, FREE site (ETradeBabyMail) allowing users to create and send personalized and animated talking E*Trade Baby message to anyone? You can use the built-in E*Trade Baby images or upload your own images, then type or record a brief message, or choose from one of the built-in messages, then you are ready to send it to anyone you would like via using email, blog, Facebook, or mobile.

For school use students could create messages for their parents and send them for a holiday or just for fun.  Students could record themselves commenting about a book they read, or about a topic in the news, have conversations with the class through this “baby”, create sentences with correct word phrases or use vocabulary words in a sentence.  So many fun things that can be done on this!  The student that checks the weather can create a baby to tell today’s weather, the date, change of jobs, etc.




Use PIXECT to take pictures online with webcam. Add cool webcam effects and publish on your computer.  Similar to PhotoBooth on Mac’s but BETTER:-)

Make use of some of the dozens of available effects to truly make the image your own. You can adjust the hue, saturation, brightness and more. It even supports multi-frame capture mode, so you can really get creative.

Once you have snapped your photo and added some cool effects, you can share your photos to Facebook and Twitter or download to your computer with just a couple of clicks. If you are looking for a cool way to snap and play with photos from your webcam, Pixect is a great choice.


  • Easily take webcam photos from your browser.
  • Apply more than a dozen effects to your picture.
  • Share pictures on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Adjust hue, saturation, brightness and more.
  • Flip image horizontally or vertically.
  • Multi-frame capture mode.

Here is a link with examples of the effects.  Soooo many to choose from.

3D TOAD – 360 Degree Interactive Images


3D TOAD is a site I learned about from @rmbyrne‘s blog, Free Tech for Teachers.  It goes beyond your typical image library and has 3D images that students can rotate and explore from every angle.  The galleries of images include dissections, animal skeletons, human skeletons, music, geology, dental hygiene, coral, yoga, ballet positions, fossils, history, chemistry, emergency preparedness and computer networking.  Click and hold on any image to rotate it. Double click to zoom-in on it. Each image is accompanied by a short caption.

Use 3D TOAD as a visual glossary on classroom computers.  Students can visit this “visual glossary” center to explore objects and new vocabulary that they are learning.  It would also be great on an interactive whiteboard or classroom computer where students can examine objects together.