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Math Movie Trailers

Math Movie Trailers – This is a creative and lively student-produced website that employs humorous student-created videos to motivate and engage students in the study of mathematics. Kids gain a deeper understanding of how mathematics is part of our daily life through topical and enjoyable stories.

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Math Mov!es, a website dedicated to revealing the link between mathematics and our everyday life. Whether you are shopping, deciding on restaurants, attempting to detect bank frauds, trying to escape traffic jams, or simply in love, mathematics can help you!

Young students should be exposed to the numerous applications of mathematics in their everyday life to wet their appetite for the subject.

  • Learning via playing: our core materials are presented as movies. Movies! These are educational animations / slideshows that aim to relate mathematics and life. Watch how mathematics can help students choose the best restaurantescape traffic jamstie a totally different tie knotdetect banking fraudulencebuild an artificial intelligence doctorand give you a strategy on choosing the love of your life.

  • problem-based approach helps students see the direct link between mathematics and their everyday life through articles.
    are in-depth and entertaining, written by our content writer, who is a mathematician. Behind-the-scene articles reveal the interesting mathematical details of the movies and and at the same time shows you how mathematicians solve problems, where mathematics can lead you, and how mathematical thinking can be applied to your life.

  • Let’s do some Mathemagic!A true corner for inventors, parents and teachers. It is time to solve problems together! All problems have great practical interests! Follow our step-by-step hints to apply mathematical thinking in designing optimal timetables, choosing the best university, and knowing when to line up at the supermarket. Contains lesson plans and handouts for teachers.

  •  This site carried out a survey of 400 students in 8 different countries
    Our survey 
    confirms that mathematics education is very important. Teaching quality is shown to have a strong influence on the students’ attitude towards the subject. Therefore, websites such as Math Mov!es plays an important role in mathematics teaching and learning.

  • They interviewed professionals who use mathematics in their jobs
    Our interview shows that not only around the house, but inengineering, physics, medicine, ecology, genetics, and laws,mathematics have many interesting applications.

Interactive Learning – History, Languages, and Science

The Children’s University of Manchester presents online interactive learning materials for use on whiteboards or PCs; video clips which will bring the University to your desktop; downloadable resources and educational games. Content subjects include: History, Languages, Art, and Science.

For each lesson there is an introduction followed by interactive animations. For example, in The Earth and Beyond students can learn about each planet by clicking on them then drag and drop them into the correct positioning from the Sun.  Students can then see how the position of the sun affects the length of shadows. They can learn about how the positions of the Earth and Sun affect our view of the Moon.

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The Children’s University of Manchester offers great collections of animated science lessons covering The Body and MedicineEnergy and EnvironmentEarth and BeyondTeeth and EatingMicro-organismsThe Brain, and Exercise.

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History lessons include: Ancient Egypt, Black History, and Ancient Greece.

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Languages: the Words section of this page include:

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