Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 7.48.05 PMFotopedia – photo encyclopedia was launched in June 2009 by 5 former Apple employees.  Members can create photo-driven articles which include Wikipedia and Google Maps information.  They can add a limited number of photos per day resulting in a high quality selection of photos.  The range of topics varies widely from precise locations, music bands or species to countries and famous people.

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Fotopedia Reporter could be a fantastic tool to have your students use to create digital booklets about places that they study in a geography lesson.


ReadWorks – 1,000+ Reading Passages Aligned to Common Core Standards

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ReadWorks offers FREE resources to teach the concepts of reading comprehension to students in grades K-6. This free service has cataloged hundreds of lesson plans and more than one thousand non-fiction reading passages aligned to Common Core standards.

Lessons are in the I-We-You format and aligned to common core and all the state standards as well as five widely used reading programs.

Lessons cover 20 concepts from author’s purpose to voice. Grade level units for Drawing Conclusions, for example, have lesson plans in which students draw conclusions from actions, verbal clues, pictures and context, textual evidence, background knowledge, and explicit information. Each grade level unit includes a book title or list of titles to be used and additional brief, mostly nonfiction readings and comprehension question sheets. The 4th grade unit has lessons for The Great Gift and supplemental readings in single gender education, rainforest rescue, robots, space, and spiders.

The 6th grade level has units for four mystery novels. The Westing Game has lessons covering genre, plot, textual analysis, character motive, identifying clues, predicting the conclusion and red herrings. It includes a worksheet called All About Mysteries and a pair of Two Minute Mysteries.

Teachers can save units, lessons, or materials to a personal resource called My Binder as well. My Training Center has grade level teacher training videos on aspects of teaching. My Standards Alignment enables teachers to select for their state’s standards.

The website offers a 90-second tour and an extended tour.

The website requires a free registration.