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Shape Facts

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SHAPE FACTS from Innovations Learning.  Discover how many corners and sides a shape has, as well as determine the lines of symmetry by clicking the FOLD button. It will draw the lines of symmetry and fold the shape over to show the mirror image.

Eat Seasonably




Eat Seasonably –  is a seasonal fruit and vegetable calendar.  This interactive calendar lists when various fruits and vegetables are in season.   You can also search by fruit or vegetable.  This could be used for health and science classes.


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MapSkip is intended to build short stories about places. You can navigate to any place in the world and find an existing spot with a story, or create a new one. For each place, a user can add a story that includes a title, year it took place, and the text for a story. You can upload up o 3 jpeg images, one audio file, and a URL for a YouTube video. Visitors can comment on stories.

A teacher can create an account for a class, and in this way, all of the stories her students create can be connected. The stories can be browsed on the site by place, person, media.

When viewing a photo, it can be shared via a link or send via email. A feature is listed to do automatic language translations via Google.


Diamante Poem

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Diamante Poems – Students can use Read Write Think’s Diamante Poem Interactive Tool to create their own poems. A diamante poem is a poem that is in the shape of a diamond and uses specific types of words on each line. Try making an antonym diamante poem that shows the differences between opposite words. You can print your poem when you are finished.

Letter Blocks

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Letter Blocks
Students practice spelling and vocabulary skills while playing Letter Blocks. Make 3 or more letter words by linking letters that touch each other in any direction, including diagonally. Letters will be added to the game at increasing speeds each level. The game is over when the entire board is filled with letters.