World Geography Games

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World Geography Games – features twenty-five, trivia question style, games to improve geographical knowledge. To play students choose one of the following topics:
– Countries of Africa, Asia, Oceania, South America, North America, Europe
-Metropolitan Areas
-Mountain Ranges
-Straits and Canals
Students are shown the name of a country, state, city, or geographic feature and then have to click on the correct locations. Students earn points for each correct answer. World Geography Games tracks how many attempts students make at correctly answering each question.  Students answer the question until they get it correct.  They are not provided the number of attempts it takes to get the answer.  I like this because it makes the user accountable for their attempts.  There is a “Give Up” link that will label the entire map.

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All countries of the world?
All 193 members of the United Nations (UN) are included in the quizzes.

*I learned about this website from Free Technology For Teachers


Celestia: a real-time 3D space simulation


Celestia is a unique space simulation program that lets you and/or your students interactively leave your seats at home or in school and experience our universe in stunning three dimensions.  Employing over 18 GB of add-on files, it is capable of taking you deep into space to produce a virtual world seen only in supercomputer simulations and Hollywood films. Celestia is not a video program giving you canned video clips to watch. Nor does Celestia confine you to the surface of Earth to view the sky, as many other applications do.

Each Activity Flight Plan is read independently by users/students at their own pace and employs hundreds of add-on files developed by Celestia’s professional volunteers to teach Astronomy in beautiful detail, while providing a comprehensive written explanation of the astronomical wonders users will be seeing.

Each Activity takes you on a different journey through the Celestia universe and includes a written student Worksheet to complete and submit for grading, plus detailed line-by-line instructions on how to control the spaceship to travel to places of interest.