Halloween Activities

I created a Fall Fun page on my website with a few interactives for students to play:

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Here are a few printable Halloween Mad Libs 

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FREE printable from Teachers pay Teachers – Costume Character Traits

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This Halloween character trait activity involves students using Halloween costumes as clues to character traits. For example, someone who dresses like a clown for Halloween may be fun-loving or creative. 
Students must also give details to support their opinions on the chart provided. Both color and black/white charts are included. Two lists of character traits (for different grade/ability levels) are also provided as student reference sheets.

Spooky Synonyms – FREE printable from Teachers pay Teachers

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This FREEBIE includes a synonym activity called “Spooky Synonyms” in which students must color-code candy synonyms. 

20 FREE Halloween Printables



Pinterest Halloween Printables Board

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colAR App – Coloring Pages Come to Life

This App Makes Coloring Books Come to Life

colAR, an augmented reality computer program that turns colored-in pictures into 3D animations, allowing the users to see a real-life image of their own artwork.

To print coloring pages  – colAR App.com

FREE PAGES – including recently released Pumpkins coloring page


When the software is running, hold the camera facing the page as straight as possible. The page should be close to the camera, but far enough away so that the entire page is visible.  For best results, the page should be as flat as possible.

It may take a few seconds for the system to recognize the page.  When it does you should see a box appear on the page.  A red box means the system cannot see the entire page, and you should move the page so it is entirely visible.  A blue box means that the system has identified the page and will read the colors off shortly.

Once the page has turned blue, the system will read the colors off. After a few seconds you should see your drawings pop out of the page. Feel free to move the camera and page around to have a look at it from different angles.

Here are some photos from Peter H. Reynolds, author of The Dot




You can also zoom into the AR picture with a hidden button! By touching the display a magnifying glass appears.


The colAR application runs on iOS and Android devices, and is available on iOS app store and Google Play store now! –


Hellokids.com offers coloring pages that you can either print or do online, drawings and drawing lessons, various craft activities for children of all ages, videos, games, songs and even wonderful readings for bedtime.

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Here are a few of the coloring page categories:

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Something I thought was great for the younger age was the Print My Name tool.  You can choose a border, type your name, even choose a font.

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inklewriter – Write Interactive Stories

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inklewriter was developed by two video game industry veterans, inklewriter allows anyone to write interactive fiction (IF) stories and share them with others online. In interactive fiction, players read text-based descriptions of environments and events and then make choices to find their way through a story. Think of it as electronic choose-your-own-adventure books.

Getting Started

To start using inklewriter, click on the “inklewriter” heading on inkle’s main page, and then click on the “Start Writing” button. Register with an email address and password, and you’re ready to go. (If your students don’t have email addresses, inkle suggests using a unique name followed by “@inklewriter”—for instance, “teachinghistory@inklewriter.”)

Follow the tutorial for an introduction to inklewriter’s two modes: Read and Write. In Read mode, you can view your story as it will be seen by visiting readers, choosing options as you read. In Write mode, you have access to tools for writing and designing your story. You can type paragraphs of text, add options at the bottom of sections of text, “rewind” text to write new branches of the story, join up branching storylines, and add images. Click “Content” in the top right for a full list of your story’s paragraphs and connections; click on any paragraph in the list to jump to it, or search within your story using the search box. “Map” lets you see your story charted out visually, flowchart-style.

For more complicated stories, you can add logic conditions that track events and conditions in your story and present a reader with different choices and text depending on tracked values.

Once your story is ready, select “Share.” Your story will be assigned a unique URL that you can post anywhere you’d like.

An example of inklewriter: