dotstorming.png Dotstorming is a free real-time, group-sharing, brainstorming and decision-making web tool that can easily be used in every classroom.

Dotstorming is similar to Padlet and Realtime Board in that the teacher creates a board/wall that produces a web address for students to click on or type in for easy access. Users can add “post its” with their thoughts or ideas as well as upload images. I love to use virtual collaboration boards like Dotstorming for students to share their work with one another.

Dotstorming allows users to view and comment on each other’s posts. Students LOVE to read the feedback from their peers.

Users can also place votes on their favorite idea or image by clicking the “dot” under the post.  The post that has the most dots is the most popular.   As the creator of a Dotstorming space you can restrict the number of votes that each person can cast.

place votes

Another great feature of Dotstorming is the chat room. This is helpful for students working together, as they add ideas and upload images to a shared board. They can communicate with each other without leaving comments on the individual posts.