Halloween Activities

I created a Fall Fun page on my website with a few interactives for students to play:

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Here are a few printable Halloween Mad Libs 

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FREE printable from Teachers pay Teachers – Costume Character Traits

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This Halloween character trait activity involves students using Halloween costumes as clues to character traits. For example, someone who dresses like a clown for Halloween may be fun-loving or creative. 
Students must also give details to support their opinions on the chart provided. Both color and black/white charts are included. Two lists of character traits (for different grade/ability levels) are also provided as student reference sheets.

Spooky Synonyms – FREE printable from Teachers pay Teachers

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This FREEBIE includes a synonym activity called “Spooky Synonyms” in which students must color-code candy synonyms. 

20 FREE Halloween Printables



Pinterest Halloween Printables Board

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Shape Facts

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SHAPE FACTS from Innovations Learning.  Discover how many corners and sides a shape has, as well as determine the lines of symmetry by clicking the FOLD button. It will draw the lines of symmetry and fold the shape over to show the mirror image.

Math Movie Trailers

Math Movie Trailers – This is a creative and lively student-produced website that employs humorous student-created videos to motivate and engage students in the study of mathematics. Kids gain a deeper understanding of how mathematics is part of our daily life through topical and enjoyable stories.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 9.55.30 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 9.55.01 AM

Math Mov!es, a website dedicated to revealing the link between mathematics and our everyday life. Whether you are shopping, deciding on restaurants, attempting to detect bank frauds, trying to escape traffic jams, or simply in love, mathematics can help you!

Young students should be exposed to the numerous applications of mathematics in their everyday life to wet their appetite for the subject.

  • Learning via playing: our core materials are presented as movies. Movies! These are educational animations / slideshows that aim to relate mathematics and life. Watch how mathematics can help students choose the best restaurantescape traffic jamstie a totally different tie knotdetect banking fraudulencebuild an artificial intelligence doctorand give you a strategy on choosing the love of your life.

  • problem-based approach helps students see the direct link between mathematics and their everyday life through articles.
    are in-depth and entertaining, written by our content writer, who is a mathematician. Behind-the-scene articles reveal the interesting mathematical details of the movies and and at the same time shows you how mathematicians solve problems, where mathematics can lead you, and how mathematical thinking can be applied to your life.

  • Let’s do some Mathemagic!A true corner for inventors, parents and teachers. It is time to solve problems together! All problems have great practical interests! Follow our step-by-step hints to apply mathematical thinking in designing optimal timetables, choosing the best university, and knowing when to line up at the supermarket. Contains lesson plans and handouts for teachers.

  •  This site carried out a survey of 400 students in 8 different countries
    Our survey 
    confirms that mathematics education is very important. Teaching quality is shown to have a strong influence on the students’ attitude towards the subject. Therefore, websites such as Math Mov!es plays an important role in mathematics teaching and learning.

  • They interviewed professionals who use mathematics in their jobs
    Our interview shows that not only around the house, but inengineering, physics, medicine, ecology, genetics, and laws,mathematics have many interesting applications.

Financial Football

Visa created sports themed games to teach financial terms and money skills to users.  Financial Football can be played single or double user.  It allows users to choose two opposing football teams and then answers financial questions to earn yardage and score points during the game.  The questions are leveled (easy, medium, or hard).  This game will engage students in learning.  Teachers can also find lesson plans and get free classroom materials by clicking the “Learn It” button at the top.

Below is an example of an “easy” question:

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 10.54.49 AM

 Financial Soccer  is a great game, too!

Counting Money

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 9.59.14 AM

Practice and recognize money value.  This manipulative van be used for counting coins and bills.  Use the stamper to place coins or bills in the work area, use the hand tool to move the items, and the arrow tool to flip the coin or bill.  The 123 button at the bottom will reveal the sum of the money displayed.